How to Create the Default UE4 Mannequin bones in 3DS Max?

Hello, I am wondering if there’s a tutorial on how to create the UE4 skeleton rig within 3DS Max exactly as it is in UE4. I am having a hard time trying to retarget it in UE4 onto my custom rig which has the same bone names and hierarchy except that there are no Lowerarm_roll or Calf/thigh roll bones on my custom skeleton. On the UE4 Mannequin, the IK Hand_Root and IK Foot_root are present whereas, on mine, they aren’t. This why I want to know how to create the UE Mannequin Exactly as it is inside UE4.

I Should also mention the soldier mesh is comprised of multiple meshes. The head is separate from the body, The Armor and the Warbelt are one unit, the Headgear is separate. Basically the mesh has to be fully customizable, as in any modern games where you can attach and detach gears or other meshes.

Thanks in Advance for any help or suggestions.

Bro have you found something?? I can see literally 50 useless tutorials wasting time and showing nothing but their big a** Faces. I am exhausted now. Is this too complicated?? to rig a character in max that can work with UE4’s Manneken animation? It seems that people are making fun of us max users :frowning: