How to create texture animation

Hello! I’m trying to figure out a way to animate glowing vein on my character (basically every time the heart would beat, the veins would glow, then slowly disapear )
here is a video of what it could look like

Thanks in advance!

Watch tutorials about material editor in unreal.
Effect you want is quite simple.

I have search over dozen of videos about materials but I cant find anything. Maybe the name of that effect would help, I dont know what it is called

You need a mask alpha of where the veins go, then you’d just lerp between 0 and 1. From there, you’d multiply it by some emissive multiplier value. The alpha of the lerp would be driven by something like a sine wave (make sure to constant scale bias it from -1/1 to 0/1 by adding one and dividing by two). You’d have to play with the period or use a time*time scale combo.

EDIT: Try something like this: