How to create target on HUD for location points

I am trying to figure out how to have like a circle with the name of the location above the actual location point. I have tried a plane set like a mini map with the material on it, but it would have to be bigger then my planet. Must be a better way. Thanks for any help

Still looking for some help on this.

Hey, this is very easy all you need is one note.

btw I’m still waiting for your response to my mail.

I sent you an email back. Not sure if this node will do what I need. This is more for changing camera positions to match look at location. I am just wanting a location floating above the stations with their name and a circle that is always there. Point of interest locations. Thanks

jep that should do it, it will move an image you got in a widget onto the location you input.

this is how I set it up, I’m just drawing a material onto the screen and then change the position of it with the “Project World to Screen” note.
now the croshair I’m drawing will always stick to the location.​​​​​​


I’m just getting a actor in my level for the location and saving that value.

Okay so I figured it out. Made an actor, placed the actor where i wanted it. Then added a material billboard with scaling. Done…