How to create such materials?


I have tried and failed achieving such beautiful materials.

That 2 sided curtain material and that beautiful glass is just too realistic.

Can someone help me achieve such beautiful material?

The curtain lighting effect can be achieved by using the subsurface scattering feature in unreal’s material editor. To see how its done u can download the Realistic Interior Demo project files (by Epic) which can be found in the learn tab of your Epic Games Launcher.

Glass is non metallic “0”, Roughness “0”, Specular something like 10-20. But the main thing would be to get the reflection right with good placing of reflection actors. Should be fairly easy to achieve.

The first scene by Rafael Reis (UE4Arch). I think I read somewhere that he bakes his curtains textures in Corona/Vray

You may achieve similar results in UE4 with a material set to Blend Mode = Translucent, Shading Model = Default Lit and Lighting Mode = Volumetric PerVertex NonDirectional. You’ll need to turn of cast shadows on curtains meshes or they’ll occlude your light during lightmass calculations. Those curtains in Realistic Interior Demo works for directional light only. If there is only skylight coming through the window it won’t work.

Hi all, I tried to reproduce the same curtain material, but i got different result. anyone can link a material shader details. would be great. thx in advance