How to create steering for a bike?


I am working on a small game, where I have a 2 wheeled bike. I use the rear wheel to accelerate the bike and I want to use the front one to turn the bike left or right; like a real bike. I’ve made the acceleration with blueprints, and I’ve tried to make the steering with blueprints aswell, which has not worked out at all. I am also open to any C++ suggestions! I know C# but C++ is something completely new to me.

My bike consists of 4 static meshes, Body, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel and the Front forks. How would I make the bike steer? I’ve tried many different blueprint ways, none of them seem to work the way I want them to. Would it be easier for me to end up to converting to a bike with bones or what? I am an open book so tell me as much as you can!