How to create stages for Soul Calibur 6?

I’ve tried looking into the UE4’s documents but couldn’t find out how to import your designed level/stage to Soul Calibur 6. I’ve seen stages being modified and replaced but I don’t want to do that; I want to create a stage from the ground up with UE4 editor as well as being able to import them into games that utilize the UE4 engine (SC6 being one of them of course).

Where do I even begin looking? Plz provide me any links that provide the info I am looking for.

Swapping one model/assset for another is likely the most modding you can do without official support from the developer. There’s no universal way of creating stages in UE4, different developers are going to have different approaches, different versions of the engine, their own custom modifications and code. You’d have to do some major reverse engineering to figure out how SC6 was built, there’s no easy button for what you want.

Is it possible to view certain stages in UDK? I don’t have the game yet and I’m learning Unreal.