How to create spherical terrain in UE4?

Like Space Engineer.

Gravity, River, Ocean with Cave and Trees.
Could it be possible?
And can it use World Composition?

This Thread just discussion the possible.

Did you ever get any feedback about this? I am trying to determine where to start to create Spherical worlds and would be very interested in any techniques. If it is a practical approach or whether other alternate methods for representing worlds are better.

Not exactly sure what a ‘spherical’ world is, but Terrain editors generally use heightmaps, meaning they can only create hills, but not caves, walls, or bend into spherical shapes.

Voxel terrain should allow you to have more freedom with the shape of your terrain, including terrain destruction.

^ This is very expensive, but there may be ways you can create it youself with some googling, or it may give you some ideas.

You can use the new voxel plugin