How to create sliding door?

The docs for UE tell how to use the Matinee tool.
That tool is not available in version 4.23 and that is the version of UE that I am using.
All of the videos that I have found do not cover this version of UE to make sliding doors.
How does one do sliding doors for multiplayer in this version of UE?

You wouldn’t use Matinee to create a sliding door. That can be accomplished using simple blueprint timeline node manipulation and trigger volumes. This search query should point you in the right direction. Good luck!

I went through a lot of videos that used Blue Prints that did not work.
I finally had to take bits and pieces of different videos and go through some trial and error.
Finally got it working.
Thanks for the direction. :slight_smile:

**SE_JonF **Just as a side note.
Here is a video showing how Matinee was used to make a sliding door.