How to create similar mechanics to Dead Space?

Hello to everyone, i am from Argentina and i would like to ask if someone could help me making or telling me how to do a project similar to the way dead space was made, but just in some aspects. I would like to know these things:
●How to do an introduction to the game where you can slightly move the camera, like in the start of the game i already mentioned. (Personally i think its something with matinee)

●How to create a mecanism similar to the shop in that game. Where you could store objects but also sell them, buy or even upgrade the suit you had. Playing an animation right when you buy it.

●A system of aiming like the player does in that game

●Last thing the movement and camera.

If anyone could help i would be seriously grateful with you. Thanks a lot.

So you need to know more about mostly PlayerControllers, Pawns, Cameras, and UMG.
Have you found any tutorials on these subjects?
Also you’ll need to understand data structures and the Gameplay Framework, and decide if you’re doing multiplayer networked or not (that will change how you need to approach EVERYTHING).

Since your question involves many different sub-questions and topics within the engine itself, I would suggest creating smaller projects to help you learn each topic individually before tackling your larger project. You can try checking out the video tutorials in the resources section of the site (located in the main menu), or if you don’t find what you’re looking for there then you can head over to YouTube as there are many video tutorials for UE4 made by both Epic and the community that should be able to help you out. You’ll most likely need to learn about Matinee and Cinematics, UMG, and third-person aiming (this page may be able to help you at least a bit). If you create a project using the third-person template, that should give you a good introduction to understanding how the movement system works for a third-person game.

Thanks for answering guys. Guess ill need to search even more tutorials haha. But i ran out of them… i will try to make the things i mentioned and any problem i get i will tell you. Such a great community.

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