How to create session on dedicated server?

I can create a session as a client, but it fails as a dedicated server because the server PlayerControllerWeakPtr is NULL. Is there a different method for dedicated servers?

I’m going to bump this as I too am having issues creating a session on a dedicated server.

have you tried in a standalone game?

I answered this question here:

The dedicated server creates a session for you when it does the registration or whenever you like. You don’t need to call for a create session anywhere in bp or code anymore.

If the dedicated server does create a session, I should be able to find it using FindSessions on a LAN right ? But I can’t. Could you throw some light on what could be happening ?


Same problem any ideas?

Did anyone find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue

Hi, its 2020 and there seems to still be no answer to this. Still can’t “join session” when connecting to a dedicated server

Hi it’s 2022, anybody figured this out yet?

I think you open level (by name), but with the IP address of the server as the name of the level.

My own game is now using peer to peer, where the first player is both the server and the client, and other people connect to that.

I was able to connect to the dedicated server instance by calling the Execute Console Command blueprint node with open<Server Port>. No call to Find Session or Join Session. I have Net Mode set as Play Standalone and Launch Separate Server as True.

Hi it’s 2023, I am also able to join a dedicated server using the open console command, but I am trying to get the game session instance in my game mode blueprint so that I could make a function to kick a player controller.
I saw in another thead that GameSession has a function to kick a player, but I’m unable to see anything about getting the game session instance in my game mode, do I have to expose this to blueprint myself in C++?