How to create Scene Capture Delay?

I am using scene captures for several cameras. What I want is to create a delay, so that the scene capture’s are lagging five seconds behind what is actually happening.

Is there a built in way to do this? If not, what are some ideas to create this affect, or create the illusion of the affect?

Everything in the rooms the scene captures are in are static. The only things moving are AI characters.

I am attempting to answer your question on stream right now: Twitch

Problem is that as per this: 1.7 - Scene Capture 2D | Unreal Engine Documentation

It renders every frame, there is an option to not render, but you’ll have to reenable it inside a BP. I was trying to figure out a way to record gameplay using Sequencer and then having a “copy” of that character in a duplicate level, performing that recorded action a few seconds later.

Sadly, I don’t have much experience in Sequencer and flopped around a bit. I THINK it may be possible, in some hacky way to translate that recorded actor to the new level, and allow it to perform its recorded actions in front of a scene capture 2d cam, and have it render back over to the original level.

I could only imagine performance costs will start racking up, depending on how many of these you have in your game.

Did you ever find a fix for this? I want an action replay feature in my game and I can’t save the positions of all of my physics objects or use the terrible demorec system and I think this is the only way to achieve such a mechanic (in blueprints).