How to create roughness and mask map / texture?

Hi guys,

Recently I study the materials of UE4. I know that the shading input value is depending on the input texture/map. For example, the character from Matinee Fight Scene has about five textures for each material: Roughness, AO, Mask, Detail Mask, Normal. I’d like to know how to create the related textures, especially roughness, mask and detail mask. What is the most common method or tool to create them?

By the way, it seems the roughness and detail mask are created from the original diffuse texture using some tools. Also, can I think the specular texture is the roughness texture?

Thank you!

Hi, I would love to know this as well. Did you find an answer? No matter what I use for the roughness map, the entire mesh is a glossy mess :frowning:

I am having the same issue and I cant seem to get an answer. My old professor made a video but for some reason I am not getting the same result.
I can share the video and maybe you can follow along.

Well what you guys could do to just get the glossy away is get a scalar parameter, set that one to 1 and connect it to the roughness slot.

I wish I could answer the question correctly, but basically my 3D artist makes all of the texture maps for me and all I do is connect them to a material with minor adjustments :p:p:p