How to create rotating skybox with Unreal 4.10.2+

I am trying to create a rotating skybox in my map and can’t seem to find good straight forward information as how to do this in UE 4.10.2 / 4.11.0
My map is on an asteroid tumbling through space and just simply need the skybox to rotate on an axis.

Can someone please point me to a tutorial that will accomplish this? Thank you!

There are a few simple ways to do this.

I would suggest creating a blueprint from your skybox, make sure it is set to movable, and then in the event graph add a rotating movement component, you can use this to set the rate of rotation. You may find you get better results using a skysphere/dome.

Or you could create a skeletal mesh in your 3D app with a rotating sphere :wink:

Use a panner or rotator in your skybox material.

Sorry I miss spoke, yes I am using skysphere. What I need is a tutorial how to make it rotate on an axis.

Just add the component and set the desired rotation, done, the rest is just fancy stuff you don’t need nor want.
If you’re using the default UE4 Skysphere BP you have to make the actual sphere mesh the root component, not the dummy sphere component which is the root by default(It won’t work for some reason.).
Besides that, you can simply delete the sphere component as it has no effect on the skysphere(I didn’t notice any at least.)

Thank you so much for your reply! Exactly what I needed.

Huston we have a problem. The mesh rotates but the texture doesn’t. Is there a way to lock the material to the mesh so that when the mesh rotates the skybox material rotates with it?

That depends on how your material is set up. When I tested it with my own skyBOX and the default skysphere it works fine and the texture also rotates.

I created the skybox using this tutorial.

The problem is the ReflectionVectorWS which is in world space I assume? What you want is local space so the texture follows the actual mesh rotation and not the world rotation.

Just hook up a transform node between the ReflectionVectorWS and the TextureCubeParameter like this:


Hummm. I can’t find TransformVector ‘world space to local space’, only ‘tangent space to world space’. That mangles the texture. It makes it streak and warp.
Any ideas?

Select the transform vector node then look at the context menu to the left.

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Hurray success! Thank you the solution works perfectly!

This is the product, now just need to tweek it. Thank you all for helping me get it working.

Huge Thanks, I was looking for exactly this!

My hero! Damnit thanks :smile: