How to create real time Digital Twin using Unreal Engine and CAD models ?

My requirement is to create digital twin using unreal engine after importing 3D model of any physical asset like robot etc.

Reference Link:-

Digital Twin of a Wind Turbine

Digital Twin of Robot

VR/AR Application using unreal engine

As per understanding it involves below . Please correct if wrong .

  1. Import CAD models in Unreal Engine using 3ds max and DataSmith Module

  2. Using plugin architecture create AR/VR applications

  3. Create different scenes using Blueprints

  4. Overlay incoming sensor data over 3d models

  5. View Exploded View

  6. Enhance 3d model with additional data

  7. Upload game to AWS gamelift server for multiplayer collaboration

Please suggest which courses or reference links I need to subscribe to be able to develop such kind of applications.


Wow you are asking quite a lot here. I guess your level of unreal engine knowledge is beginner? You should start here. Online Learning - Unreal Engine