How to create randomly generated maze?

I am designing a game in which there would be a random generated maze. I created an actor genScript which was supposed to spawn random no. of walls (like in random no. of lateral faces of a cube) and then I would create a grid of genScripts. Where did I go wrong? What should I do to fix this? Please note that side1, side2, side3, side4 are coords of lateral walls and trans is only for storage.

I see 2 issue on first glance creeating empty mesh component, so noting will apper on screen, or else you hidden something

2.there possibility that same wall be created twice.

You didn’t execly said what wrong happening with you current set so i don’t know what to say more ;p

Also 2nd screenshot shows your lack of knowledge about blueprint flow control nodes. not only all those “Branch” nodes can be replaced with single “Switch” node… the entire circuit can be replaced with single “Select” node which translates one value to another (which is what your circuit doing), you don’t even need to make a function to make it look compact with just using “Select” node.