How to create Projectile Spread?

Anyone how can we create Projectile Spreading using blueprints?

I’m though that I can add some random floats into rotation but it’s working only for one direction. When I rotate left projectiles are shooting weird.

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Basically I’ve tried everything but always when I rotate in game rotation (added spread) is changing…maybe someone from Epic who did Shooter Example can explain how we can create spread in blueprints?


I am working on something with this functionality:

The problem is that you are combining rotators with the float-based Rotation. The “Float Rot” is not offsetting the direction, but redirecting it in the world completely. You should just break the “Get Control Rotation” and then Add the random float value into it, then make a new rotation with that.

Let me know if that helps!

Got this working.


Thanks for quick reply. Your functionality is working as well as mine below.

If anyone else stumbles across this looking for the same answer,
I found this method to work just as nicely


This is exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t realize there was the degrees to radians node, that helped a lot

I got this working with very few nodes, hoping this helps someone:


Just do the same thing as you did at first, but duplicate the random node twice and plug tyem into the pitch and roll nodes. Also, have the same number as the maximum for the minimum, but negative (Ex. 5 and -5)

This worked for me. Thanks!

Loved this. Thank you!