How to create points when actor hits landscape

I’m trying to create a system where my character impacts the landscape and that gives the character points. I have got a system set up for coins, which works fine.
Only every time I try with beginoverlap or event hit from the level blueprints, it’s not calling the function up.
Can you point me in the right direction, please?

Hi man,

It really depend on what you are moving around and what is the landscape.

Begin overlap and event hit are both “childs” of collisions, you have to be sure that the meshes and actors, will generate overlap and hit (look in the detail)

By the way, you could just use a “linetrace by channel” and cast a ray under your character when you need it, that will give you an impact, if there is one.
You have to be sure that your cast dont hit your own player, or other things that are not your “landscape”

Hey, thanks for the help!
Sadly I don’t think i’ll be able to achieve what I want, just don’t think the engine is built for it, or I have the skills for it to be able to do it at the moment. What I was really wanting was, say for example you’re in a racing car, and you jump over something, then get points when you hit the ground, which would have meant the landscape, for the most part. I just don’t see a proper way of doing it. But thanks again for the help!!

Hi @Pete10101

Unreal can do so many things by standard and you can add so many features by yourself !

For example, just using add relative location (with sweep) to this little car here, i get all the contact point with the ground and with other object.
Just pin out the Sweep hit result, (and active the sweep) and you can get the impact point with all other collision active


Nice one, that’s a great idea! Thanks a lot!!