How to create planet/space station gravity in paper2d

I have been working on a space exploration style game where you collect scraps and such to upgrade your ship, but while in the process of getting the core movement to work I’ve hit a roadblock. Currently I have used ray-tracing to rotate the character, and created a new jump that functions relative to the character’s position and rotation (do note that if either of these don’t work with a possible solution or are the problem I’m totally open to swapping them out, and also note I am using the default 2d side scroller template and character just with edited blueprints). I’ve tried a few solutions to gravity. I was using a radial force object for a while, but I would like to be able to create space stations and platforms at some point, and since those are not all shaped in a sphere that doesn’t really work, so I’m looking for some solution to pull the character to the planet’s surface itself, rather than to the center of the planet (if you get what I mean). I have also been using the ray tracing again to apply a force that pulls the character towards the point it detects, however this was very buggy and just ended up with me sliding down the side of my planet.

Information you may want to know:

  • Template: 2D Side Scroller
  • Planets are .png images exported out of adobe illustrator and converted to Sprites in unreal (the sprites use shrinkwrap for both collision and rendering presets, but with the detail turned to 1)
  • All of the CharacterMovement settings are set to default
  • I am using the preset movement portion of the blueprint to handle the left and right movement still (Labeled as “Handle Movement” by default in the Event Graph)

Thank you to anybody who can help out with my predicament, I’ve seen how some people have done this for 3d planets, but I’ve found difficulty translating those into paper2d. But once again thanks to anybody who might be able to help, there a photos below of just the general setup of my project in case you need more information.


General Photo of the setup with the character and planet

A photo of the gliding I was talking about (see background). It also displays the ray tracing system I’ve been using

A photo of the blueprint I am using for ray tracing and rotating the character

The system I am using for gravity currently (inside the red box is where the force is applied… if that isn’t obvious…)

The blueprint setup that controls the jump of the character (this could possibly be the issue cause the gliding typically occurs after I jump)