How to create outline or highlight on any mesh?

i used this tutorial and i was trying to create outlines but there are many problems that i hope any of you might know.

according to video in postprocess volume in the misc setting there is a blendable which i don’t have in my 4.14 but i have it outside my misc setting very separately. no matter what actor i select, in the rendering tab (after expanding it) ‘render custom depth’ is no where to be found. as if like it do not exist. well there something else instead of ‘render custom depth’ and it is ‘render custom depth pass’. isk if its same or different. lastly when i connected my scenetexture:scenecolor node then why the hell is it giving my a ■■■■■■■ error? error goes something like this: Error [SM5] (Node SceneTexture) SceneColor lookups are only available when MaterialDomain = Surface. PostProcessMaterials should use the SceneTexture PostProcessInput0.
in forums this is very famous error in version 4.9
if this method is crap then please spare me your working method in brief detail.

if you look further down the list in the SceneTexture node you’ll see PostProcess0, PostProcess1, etc. I can’t confirm if that will make a difference or not but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. SceneColor is just the cumulative colour passes before post processes are applied. Up to that point in the material you’re just gathering the pixels you need to apply them to custom depth.

The menu layout was changed slightly it the latest versions, so that’s why you’re seeing a different label, but the one you’re seeing the proper one. An easy way to tell is by typing “custom” in the search box at the top of the property grid. It will filter out everything but the matching options.

I’ll give this video tutorial a shot today to see what the problem is.

So I gave that tutorial a try and it worked just fine (after switching out SceneColour for PostProcess0). What result are you getting if you switch that?