How to create or find the static mesh for the spline mesh component?

Hi, I am trying to implement a drawing function in VR. I am almost close, but I need to find the static mesh for the spline mesh component. I think the LineSegmentCylinder is not available for the new UE5 version. Does anyone know the alternative static mesh of the LineSegmentCylinder?

Hi @anonymous_user_5ac4878a1,

I just checked and in 5.0 I do see UE_5.0/Engine/Content/VREditor/FloatingText/LineSegmentCylinder.uasset

You will need to enable ‘Show Engine Content’ in the content browser settings to see the folder. Let us know if you’re having any trouble with this.



Yes, I was able to find it after enabling Show Engine Content! Thank you so much for the quick response!