How to create on-screen virtual keyboard in unreal?

Hi all,

It is my first post here :slight_smile:

We need a virtual keyboard at the project for Windows OS and touch screen. A few input fields for sending e-mail need this keyboard.
I found how to do it in 3d space using send key char, but I prefer to do it using GUI elements.
Is it possible in unreal?
Windows virtual keyboard or another virtual keyboard can be a good choice, but how to manage it from unreal?

No ready to use assets on the marketplace.


I built another very good solution with Victory Create Proc node and this keyboard On-Screen Keyboard for Windows 10, Windows 11 | Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro with exe files management of show/hide the keyboard.
It looks amazing and very simple to use.
Hope it will be useful for all people who doing kiosk apps with unreal

Hi Alex,
could you please update your answer? Both of those links are invalid.

I guess that the keyboard linke was this one:


Hereโ€™s a virtual keyboard convenience blueprint I recently published today, in case anyone is looking for a really easy solution. It is pretty plug and play, and very easily customizable :slight_smile: