How to create on-screen virtual keyboard in unreal?

Hi all,

It is my first post here :slight_smile:

We need a virtual keyboard at the project for Windows OS and touch screen. A few input fields for sending e-mail need this keyboard.
I found how to do it in 3d space using send key char, but I prefer to do it using GUI elements.
Is it possible in unreal?
Windows virtual keyboard or another virtual keyboard can be a good choice, but how to manage it from unreal?

No ready to use assets on the marketplace.


I would guess that buying one on marketplace is the least amount of hassle. Maybe you can loop thru all the letters in the alphabet creating child widget keys in a keyboard like container but the placement of these Keys won’t be the same as on a real keyboard. A keypad would be alot easier I would imagine.

I don’t see why.
you just qwerty your way through an array entry once and just generate the widgets by looping through the array.

Usually, IF virtual keyboard is enabled, and if the system allows for it, like say for Android mobile because i know that worked as of .21 - focusing a text filed will bring in whatever OS keyboard is called for.
things may be different on windows if a physical keyboard is present.

Realistically the only reason you should have to take over for the whole keyboard is to provide a different layout / functionality than what the OS offers.
thats really not a very common case. maybe VR with a fake physical keyboard would need something similar to that…

I built another very good solution :slight_smile:
**Victory Create Proc node from **…-no-c-required and this keyboard…tekeyboard.htm with exe files management of show/hide the keyboard.
It looks amazing and very simple to use.
Hope it will be useful for all people who doing kiosk apps with unreal :slight_smile: