How to create "nova" using particle system?

I’m looking a for a way to create ice nova. There is a cold steam effect I don’t know how to do. The steam effect expanding outwards as shown on the video:

Ive seen that steam effect being used the ARID desert map asset pack…
beyond that im sure if you compile the SHOOTERGAME project UE4 offers it will be somewhere in there or one of there assets maps… dunegon tower defense…

Let us know or ill reply if i find it first… =)
also IS this What you mean??

I found it but it doesn’t have what I need. I want to make a particle system that spawns steam cloud in a circle and than increasing in size to resemble a frost-nova.
Exactly like in the video I’ve linked.
What I need is either a particle system I can reverse engineer or a written tutorial on how to do it :slight_smile: