How to create note pickup/view system?

Ok heres the idea…
i am trying to create a game note just like those notes in the horror games where a player presses like Key V for viewing notes and that note (maybe from UMG widget) appears on the screen… And i tried to do some research of how i can do it… But i found nothing… And yet i tried my own blueprint for that to work but it did not work out…

How do i make this happen?

i just want the player to view the note from the UMG widget and unview it again.
(this goes with the Note’s actor on collision) = views note

two options i can think of
1, create a widget for every note, add each widget to viewport when you press V on it(yo need a way to detect which widget to call based on the note)

2, have only one widget with every note embedded, but hidden, and always in the viewport, when they press V on the note, detect which note it is and enable that note in the widget.

There are probably other methods of adding texture 2d in front of the player but i’m not familiar with those.

You can achieve what you want by using data tables and interfaces linked to a single or multiple widgets for your notes and then u just need to pass what note to retrieve the data for and update the widget to output it’s data!