how to create new metahumans with costumes we want ?

how to create new metahumans with costumes we want ? we are trying to create but the costumes are misplaced when we go for a long shot

Hey there @anonymous_user_d89bcc3f! Welcome to the community! So one of the things with metahumans is that their clothes are actually hand rigged/skinned to their body-type so creating new clothing for them is somewhat dependent on your workflow. If you’re intending to do it the “proper” way, you’d export the body, rig the clothing to it, then animate, then reexport. However this isn’t the only method people have been using.

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For armors and hard-fitting stuff I’ve seen some use this method:

However others tend to go with the cloth route but not everyone has Marvelous Designer and working with cloth is less fun without it:

but that’s obviously not viable for everyone.