How to create my own Character that can move?

Hello everybody,

I just started using UE4.
I want touse C++ in VS2013.
I followed the coding tutorial on youtube…everything worked fine.

Now I thought I might start creating something on my own…
I chose the Basic Code template…and now I am allready stuck.

WhatI want to do is nothing more but to create a moveable character that may look like a simple ball and thatcan move left/right and jump.
However, I have no idea where I should even start. Can somebody please point me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

There is a code template that has a ball that responds to physics. It’s in the list of templates if you scroll down.

Do you mean the “Code Rolling”?


One thing I did when I first started out is created one of each of the templates and looked through the code. I learned a lot about things are hooked up in the engine.

My main problem is to find out how everything is put together…and my IntelliSense always fails me…I have to compile at least once to get IntelliSense for stuff that I coded… if Ithen use new stuff I dont get any IntelliSense until I compile again…this is really annoying…especially for a beginner…(yes, I did follow the VS2013 Setup Guidelines provided by Epic :frowning: )

Visual Studio C++ intellisense sucks, especially for larger projects like this. C# intellisense is fantastic, which makes C++ look really bad. Some people are trying to use QT Creator, there’s a thread about it here. I posted this thread on building a local copy of the UE 4 docs using Doxygen which also helps.