How to create multiple characters to switch between in a blueprint?

This is what I started with then its repeated three time over using 1,2,3,4 keys

for the event begin i Used this

from this I want to make switch between four character within one blueprint so their own blueprints can be saved for their powers.

A good idea would be to first unpossess and destroy the current pawn and then you’d want to spawn and possess the new pawn (or character). Of course, you could also just manage with existing pawns, but this examples shows how do dynamically spawn and destroy them.

I hope the code speaks for itself, otherwise feel free to ask.
The basic concept is as said, unpossess, destroy and then spawn and possess.

is this in the construction or event because i built the bits above in event?

I have it in my player controller although, you should be able to have it about anywhere you feel like I guess, as long as it gets triggered and you have the correct parameters such as the player controller reference and the pawn class type.

But I would strongly advise you to create a function which accepts in-parameters “pawn/character class”, “player controller reference” and “transform” and do like I did.
Then on your events for key event 1, 2, 3 and 4 you just call this function with respective parameter. It will make your code a lot better.

if its okay i wanna share my gameplay with u :

after i gone infight , my main char splits up into 4 characters which can be switched between with Q/E

is this something you want?

close but not quite given there are all already spawned I want them within one blueprint with four character blueprints within to inter change between them

Not sure if you’re still around on this, but more explanation would be greatly appreciated. I have the Unpossess and Spawn and Possess functions built, but not sure how to use them in the event graph.