How to create multiple ammo for the SimpleRifle/OneShotRifle ?

Guys & Girls. Can someone please help me a bit.
I am dont know how to fix my issue, i am trying to make a TranqDart that should work on the SimpleRifle

This is the blueprints i copied and created so far in my Mods/TranqDart.



Now… Here is my issue.
If i spawn with the SimpleRifle, i can shoot the SimpleRifleBullet just fine… i can add more ammo to it too…
I can even change the ammo to SimpleRifleTranqDart and fire it fine aswell.

But once i changed the ammo type from SimpleRifle to SimpleRifleTranqDart.
I can no longer change back from SimpleRifleTranqDart to SimpleRifle.
I guess there is a issue with the weapon themplate but not sure how to get this working…

Anyone know where i should be looking ?


I believe is because when you look at the simple rifle ammo, it doesnt support dragging so you would have to make a copy modify it and remap the item to the original and check if it works.

^ Darksen I believe is spot on with that


I had to remap 3 items to get this working.


Don’t forget about the attachments for the rifle. When you attach a scope for example.

I know. but thanks for the heads up anyway :slight_smile:
got more seriouse issues at the moment… like changing reload animation to use correct shell :wink:

Are you able to craft the remapped item at the smity? When i just remap the items their engrams dissapear from the smithy… . When i remap the engrams, they show up again, but then player will have to relearn the engrams. Is there a wayy without having the player to relearn the engram?

, not sure about that, maybe some other knows.

Im having a new problem with the ammo.
My ammo changes its type when i drag around in the editor…

Does anyone know whats causing it and how i would go about fixing it?

I’ve got multiple ammo types working ok…

I suppose I can Stream/Upload a video if people are having that much trouble with it.

Yes please do or share your files for other to peek at.

Did you use your own mesh for the new bullet or are you just using the stock bullet?
You see from the video im trying to use a new mesh for the 2nd set of ammo. (you see it just at the start and at the end).

: Add me on Steam (), and I will setup a Stream for you.

request sent

Please, can someone help me? I have a similar problem. I created a completely clean child file “PrimalItemAmmo_AdvancedRifleBullet_Child” without editing, and even then I have a strange bug. for example:I put 50 bullets in the turret, the turret shoots and kills wild dino, but in turret inventory continues 50 bullets