How to create minimap for multiplayer game?

What kind of a minimap do you exactly want? Just a 2D Map with Points on it?

Or a more 3D Map where you see the map from above?

Hi friends,
I want to create minimap and I did it with scenecapture2D but its not working in my case because I don’t want roofs to be rendered in the minimap and I want the indicators for different players. Which can be visible on the network.

Can any one tell me how to achieve this thing. And how people do in AAA title games?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

just 2d maps to show players position only and maps outline

Maybe this helps you:

Checkout eXi’s answer. Also feel free to check this one too:

If you want, you can take a look at the TowerDefense example.

Long story short, the generate once an image of the map from the top with a ASceneCapture2D on a Texture, then use that texture and some drawn points to show the minimap on hud.

Hi Zamy,

But I want the indicator points as well for each player, what should I do for that indicators? and mini map should be rotating according to the own player’s position.