How to create meshes and place them inside other meshes at run time?


Beginner here. I have created a blueprint that generates roads and city-block static meshes at run time and I need help with the next steps. The over all goal is to create city buildings where the meshes are created at run time and textures applied to the outside surfaces (windows and doors). Note that there will be no collision for this:

  1. How do you create and place simple meshes together at run-time using blueprints?
  2. How do you put textures on the outside of the compound objects created in step 1?
  3. I want to place the combined meshes on top of another mesh, but inside the part of the mesh that has a specific texture surrounding it (sidewalks encasing the city block, i.e., X and Y axes only). The area that will hold the compound meshes can be irregular but the texture will completely surround it and i need to be able to verify my mesh will not be placed outside the part of the mesh with the specific texture.

U can use a Spawn node and specify it’s world location in the transform ( you can right click on the transform and split the struct pin ). For items like windows or doors you can use sockets ( note you have to specify to what sockets belong, i. e. base ) to define their location, size and rotation.

Hi Juzai, thank you for the reply.

How do I detect the “boundary” part of the mesh area so I know the coordinates to use for placing the meshes inside the boundary (the boundary is a specific texture that will never change)?

Unfortunately I don’t know ;-;