How to create material for runway

hi, guys, i’m new to unreal engine. Now i’m creating a runway for aircraft. But i have a problem at creating material for runway, which should be like the following picture shown. Do you guys have some tipps to realize this? Thank you in advance.

You just need to make the basic tarmac, like you would for a road. The rest of it is decals:

Hey, I’d probably suggest a multi-layer approach. Create a simple material for your runway using a tarmac texture for its base colour, roughness, normals etc. Then to add the stripes of different coloured tarmac i’d add a macro noise texture to your runway material (a simple grey striped texture with added noise along the stripe boundaries) that is added to the tarmac base colour at a larger scale (see image below for example of adding macro noise). You could then also add a second macro noise that contains tyre scuffs and marks). Then for the runway numbers and crossing markings I’d use separate decals that you can then place on the runway once its built in level. For the centre and edge line markings, I’d probably try using a spline using a decal for the mesh component…