How to create map shortcuts/refferences

I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the direction of how to create map shortcuts/references (I.e. pac-man style escape tunnel) I am working on building an open world first person, Adventure, war strategy, mmo game and I want to create the world maps in such a way that the players never actually stop at the outside of the map. I will be creating multiple level maps, and once a player has unlocked access to other maps, I will need to turn this logic off, or change it to only have these passthroughs at specific locations leading to the additional level maps as they are unlocked. I’m not asking you to code it for me as I have my own implementation idea, but information on just a base of how I would achieve this type of behavior would be great! Thanks for any time, advice you have to give.

Hey King ironwraith,

This is going to involve level streaming, and checking to see if the player has met the requirements before being allowed to see/enter the level. Use the documentation below to see what I am referring to and to understand how to set it up. We also have the ‘Content Examples’ project that contains a ‘Level Streaming’ map, which you can download on the ‘Learn’ tab to get a better understanding of this feature as well.

Level Streaming

In your case, you will also want to look into ‘World Composition,’ since you are creating an Open World game.