How to create map selection like CoD or Halo games?

Hi, I’m trying to make a map selection where it gives a user list of maps (Already Done) and upon pressing a button the game will load the user’s chosen map. (What I’m currently struggling to do). Is there a way to do it in Blueprints or is C++ required to achieve this?

Do you mean like fast travel or like select a level type of map?

No, I mean select a level type of thing :smiley: Im talking about something like this: where user chooses what map they want to play on. Once they press start game button like this: I want the game to load the user’s chosen map.

EDIT: Apologies for potato/small res screenshots.

singel or multiplayer?

Multiplayer preferred but I don’t mind if it’s single player.

I will tell you 1 way to do it, I’m using Bluepritn.
Single playre:
You can make a widget and add buttons to it, and make it so if the player press button 1 it will open level 1, and the same for button 2, 3 etc…
Try it.
I don’t know how multiplayer to work whit servers and online, but I think this is the a way to do it:
for multiplayer will you need to make different servers and let players join.

But that’s the thing, I only want to have 1 button to load the level. I’m looking to do something like this Halo Reach :: Main Menu-First Look - YouTube and then have the START GAME button load the level chosen by the player.

what do you mean whit 1 button to load the level?
do you mean a button to load the playerr to a new level, or 1 button to make a select level menu?

Button to load the player to a new level. So lets say you have 4 map choices.


The player chooses MAP 3 but to load that map he needs to press the START GAME button.

Ok, you want something like this:
When the player open a map, a menu will spawn in and the player can’t select start game, back to select a lever or quit the game.
If that is what you want,then I can help you. when the player is loaded to a new map a widget need to spawn in front of that player.
You can lock the players keyboard, and the player can only start to walk or run when the button Start Game is selected.
Will this help?

Thank you, it worked flawlessly. I can’t believe it was that easy :smiley:

  • When clicked, make your map buttons set a Name variable to whatever you called the level in the Content Browser. This has to be exactly correct.
  • When clicked, make your load level button open the level saved in the variable. You could set the default value of the variable in the Details panel to one of the levels in case the user presses load level before selecting a level.
  • This image shows a basic setup: