How to create looping road?

i have created a road with textures and I have some trees now i want to make this loop infinitely without the player noticing that it’s actually looping, could someone lead me in the right direction on how to do this?

i need to mention that the player is in first person mode and because it’s night the player cant see that far.

As in a circle? Normally you’d make roads with splines (closed) + spline mesh components.

But I know better by know. You probably mean very different kind of loop… It’s probably an endless runner and there are absolutely no loops involved :wink:

i want the looping road for my main menu’s background, it’s not a endless runner game or anything i just want something more intersting for my background where it looks like the player is driving a car in an infinite road, at first i thought i could just put some trigger box’s to spawn new road and destroy the previous one but i wonder if there’s any better way.

Sounds about right to me. You may get away with only 2 elements and place one in front of another, add some randomisation, pay extra attention to the edges so they blend nicely.

Have a look here:

The example has 2 chunks regenerated, they’re moving sideways since we’re looking out of a window of a moving train. Changing the direction should be trivial. You may use pre-made chunks instead, ofc rather than procedurally generate them.

Essentially - this is an Endless Runner but without the player…