How to create linked list using blueprint struct?

I can’t select the same struct in type field when I’am creating variable, how to achive that?

It’s not possible as of now as far as I know.

Blueprints are a limited scripting language and that’s one of the limitations. You won’t have fun with multidimensional arrays either and abstract functions / methods? Well with an interface you can somewhat get that but still.

That’s one of those times you might wanna use C++ instead.

Well I’m not so sure about your answer. There is possibility to set struct as a reference. This suggest that linked list should be possible to do. But I didn’t tried yet.

Well to be 100% honest the last time I tried was quite a few versions ago. It might be possible by now.

It’s not a pleasant experience at any rate though. I’ve started using BP only for prototyping simple stuff or basic movement converting almost everything to C++ later on (except the stuff I really want to change a lot during testing).

For multidimensional arrays, linked lists, connecting to web stuff, custom configs.

In general you are better off just exposing stuff to BP and doing things like that in C++.