How to create leaderboards

Hey guys, I need to create some leaderboards for my game and I would like to find the best way to build them.

I noticed that in many games they have this infinite list of players but data only are loaded when you scroll. How exactly that work(UI included)? If someone could help me it would be super helpful. I’m currently using Playfab to set the statistics.


I can give you some insight. Leaderboards are usually part of an Online Subsystem. I don’t know how Playfab is integrated into Unreal, but Steam for example is integrated as an online subsystem. If Playfab has its own online subsystem, then you just have to call the proper functions from the Leaderboard Interface like so:

IOnlineSubsystem* OnlineSubsystem = IOnlineSubsystem::Get();
if (OnlineSubsystem)
	IOnlineLeaderboardsPtr LeaderboardsInterface = OnlineSubsystem->GetLeaderboardsInterface();
	if (LeaderboardsInterface)
		// LeaderboardsInterface->ReadLeaderboardsAroundUser ...