How to create large landscapes like this?

is it possible to make environments like this ?

this is a deal breaker for me and seems like cryengine does a better job or makes it easier to create such environments. does anyone know if this is possible in UE4?

This type of scene is absolutely possible within UE4, especially after the 4.7 update. The process would go something like this.

  • Get Hight map out of something like world machine and import to Landscape
  • Craft up custom landscape material to give a base ground
  • Load in all sorts of Speed Tree vegetation into the landscape vegetation painter tool
  • Paint the Landscape with your trees, shrubs, etc.
  • Add in some Meshes for houses, etc.
  • Add in the FPS content
  • Press Play and your off to the races!

That would be a good staring point to make a game. You would then need to add in all of your game play logic with either C++ or Blueprint.