How to create landscape material with splatmap


So I’ve tried a few tutorials and searched the forum and such for the answer but can’t find it.I’ve created a material from the tutorials that I followed. I ran into to the problem of getting a black terrain or gray one.I’m sorta lost on what else i could change or do to get the texture showing by using the splatmap.

Here is a picture of my material if anything else is needed please let me know and thanks for the help.

First check that you have the splat scale correct.

Instead of the final textures, start with the actual RGB colors to verify your coverage. When your colors on the landscape match those in the splat map, switch to the textures.

EDIT: Also verify that you have proper lighting: Skysphere, Skylight, and Directional Light. The first two should be positioned at 0,0,0, the directional light should be positioned above your landscape.

Also, this: