How to create input binding presets?


I was wondering if anyone would know how to create and save/load multiple input binding presets? And would it be possible to do in Blueprints?

I have a basic understanding of how to remap input bindings at run-time using Blueprints, which just overwrites DefaultInput.ini

I was thinking maybe I could try creating a Map of type , and saving the Input settings as Asset Data objects, however I cannot seem to retrieve Asset Data types as an Input Settings object. (There is no Cast to Input Settings node that I am aware of).

Hi ClockworkOcean,

Thank you for the reply. I’ve actually seen this entire video before. Unfortunately, he does not go over any method for saving the input settings out to something other than DefaultInput.ini. The video also does not cover how to load from other Input presets. It only covers how to allow a player to remap inputs at run-time, overwriting DefaultInput.ini.

I would like to create multiple control schemes that the player can pick from, as well as have their own customized control scheme, if they want.

If you want that sort of functionality, you need to use a save game.

Ok, I’ll look into that. Thank you!