How to create gun and effects

Hi.How i can create a gun and make firing with that ? Lets think i rigged a static mesh like a gun.How to continue and set it like a gun?

You created the mesh already
What you are going todo next is create a blueprint of the gun. In it you will have the guns logic and information stored on the gun.
(keep in mind ammo can be stored there but if you destroy it when unequipped it will loose that info and variables will go to the default when you spawn it again.)

On the character you will add a socket. And when the weapon is equipped it will spawn that weapon (some people do things like make them invisible and send them off the map to prevent data loss without having create a place to store the info. Example might be something like Halo where you can only have two weapons you could on equip have a “room” hidden on a map where they are moved to rather than destroyed or have them float below the map following the character etc)
You get the socket transformation and scale etc, applying anything you need to make it fit right (typically you want the mesh made where it will just stick right on the socket taking the socket into.

On the Player characters Blue print you want a event dispatcher. When you trigger it, it will send info to the weapon blue print to fire off the logic.

When all my updates are all done, I can probably send you some screen shots of mine (I stored all the variables in the character since I only have like 5 different ammo types

Okay! Thanks for now.When you finish may you explain that more ?

Try this

Hell yea! Thanks i’ll watch later :smiley: ■■■■ schools won’t let me to work on it.