How to create good optimization for open level?

Hi, friends!

please advise how best to do / redo objects in the scene, which will be expanded to the open world.
Here for example is a school with much (35) modules
each of which has Lod’s. building to say the least difficult to collect because many modules.
especially the modules of the building above in small locations virtually non-repeating.

  1. Is this the right approach when building an open world, ie, is the number of modules on the building - assembly speed and optimization?
  2. whether to combine the modules in any one - for example, the wall of the building, on the idea of ​​vertices increase at drawcall whole object because will not be treated as instancing subset a whole object?
  3. if leave as is - need at a sufficient distance to hide units, and to put in place the building a cube into building?

and in general how should bother with all of this, some people put in the prefab house as a single object, perhaps it can not affect performance, and other features are used for open-world for compensate this…

Check UE4 hierarchy LODs (HLODs) + instalod.

HLODs automatically created LOD’s but not well? and instalod for flexible adjustment?

and if so, and I want to use free things - need to use LODs manually or is there alternative solution?

HLOD is used to batch multiple statuic meshes into 1 (with optionally single material). InstaLOD allow reduce number of polys in such proxy mesh.

You could try to use HLODs to create batch proxy meshes and then use some other tool to create LODs for it.

thank you for solution!

but I don’t know which modules need to do into one. may be all modules, may be not( and therefore right way for import object (how separate it in modules) in UE4