How to create game objectives/points/flags in BP?

So I’m very new to this scene and I’ve had some experience in using other 2d game development tools and they’re pretty much straight forward when I want to set certain points that my character has to reach before proceeding to the next until the end.

In UE4 however, I can’t seem to get around on how to do this. Even the entire documentation is not so straightforward (more like a dictionary with descriptions only) and there doesn’t seem to be a more straightforward tutorial online other than a whole lot of unorganized videos and posts on the forums which honestly isn’t so friendly to newbies like me as some terms are really specific only to UE so what I searched for doesn’t yield the results I was expecting. I’ve been through the Youtube channel vids, countless googling and scanning forum posts and looked an the content examples.

I still don’t know how to create a really simple game that’s otherwise easily achievable on other tools in mere minutes! I just want to do this: To have my character roaming on a map and requiring him to reach objective points/flag points, and doing so unlocks the next point and this goes on until the end. Where do I start guys? I really hope someone can give me a direction, even some hints are enough. Been searching for 2 weeks and finally gave up.

Also another simple thing I would like to know is how to set up a ‘death’ scene when my character is attacked and died, how can I do that in BP? As in what nodes do I start with? These are simple things that I’m sure can be easily done in UE4, but there is no direct tutorial explaining how. All I can see are the long videos on Youtube which requires HD streaming to be able to see what they’re actually doing but unfortunately we have really terrible internet service from where I come from.

Hope I don’t get flamed for this but I think Epic needs to do a lot more work on helping others to get on board. At least have short mini tutorials no longer than 5 minutes, instead of hours just to solve very specific issues for specific games. Thanks!

But epic provide docs for documentation on framework, learn which class is responsible for what and learn how actor is build (most importantly hat are components), there also ton of other video tutorials explaining that :

Just think and use it to achieve what you want, UE4 is game engine not game maker, it does not have easy pre-made functions, it a platform on which you can build those functions. It’s made that way not makes thigns harder, but to not limit developers for what they can do.

Here a hint that can help you out. Instead of thinking how to do what you want to do as whole, fracture it in to separate problems you need to solve, for example how to make a flag detect that player touch, how to make a flag inform GameMode (where global game rules are managed) that flag is collected and how to destroy flag when after that happens, how to make GameMode rect to that, how to make GameMode to detect that all flags are collected. When you separate those in to invidual problems it might be easier. For starters try to design a flag blueprint class, that you can collect (or whatever not sure what flag you exactly imagining :p), then make GameMode monitor those flags somehow, for permence reason it is better for flag to inform GameMode that it is collected and so on. With the death cam, you not saying that death cam you want, there infinite way how you could do this.

Learn how to each invidual elements of engine works, learn how each slider and switch on them do and learn how to connect them each other, when you learn that you won’t need any tutorials, because you will know how to make it work the way you want it… i usually don’t need tutorial myself, instead for example i don’t know to detect that player entered the the room, i will definitly need something to mark area of detection… Boom, there somethign called box component (or volumes which are more premade), but now how i can know that player are inside it? i check list of functions that box component has and there overlapping object array which contains all overlaping objects including player, but whats this? oh, it also has start and end overlap event which let me detect when somethings enters the box component, it has argument pointing to object that entering (in UE4 is usally called “Other”) by that i can check if object entering box component is player or not and do something when it happens. You need to develop this way of thinking, because if you most likely will need tutorials all the time to make any basic thing.

Don’t think i’m trying to bash you or anything, i just trying to help. I can offer you tutorial about objects in UE4 which might help you understated how to menuver in UE4, it also shows how to see Blueprint functions in API reference and by searching in API reference you can find features you want, thats what i usally do