How to create footsteps without tick event.

I have created footsteps sound system. I’m using tick procedure. When player have differemt FPS (15 FPS - slow 30-good 60< too fast), footseps sound different. My character is simple FPS static mesh, so I can’t use animations to play sound. Tommorow I will send my BP.
How can I create footsteps sound system without animations & tick.

I’m not sure that you can. without animations (anim notifies) you need to calculate the step distance (where a step should be made) based on movement speed. That will need to be calculated and checked every tick. You’ll also need to determine if the player is in the air (jump/fall etc) before the calculations are executed.

With this in mind you need to store last location of step. If not in air and is walking/running etc, get position, distance to last step, if distance is greater than or equal to n, play sound.

If you have different movement speeds (walk/sprint) then you need an n distance for each.

This is very simple BP, maybe the best solution is import FPS template character and hide its skeleton.

I’d use the TPP character and set the camera like FPP, hid the mesh. From there it’s pretty damn easy to do footsteps.