How to create folders for variables?

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the more I work on my projects the more variables are in my Blueprints. To keep things tidy I need to know how I can create a folder for variables.


Select a variable and assign/create Category in the details panel.


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Almost six years later, and this is Google’s top response and such a simple answer that I feel like a total moron haha. Thanks for pointing it out without pointing out how silly and simple it is.

that’s why @Everynone is the hero, lol.

How many questions I searched and its always them with the answer.

Since this is top google result I’ll add a tip that I wish I’d learned earlier:

In setting the category name, use | to create subcategories. For example:


This helps a lot with organization, as the categories get used during search, so you can use them for filtering. That way you don’t need to remember specific names, just filter via broader categories until your function/variable appears.