How to create flying Characters?

In my top-down game I need a player-controlled character that flies/hovers above the ground. Think of some old 80’s Arcade top-down games, where the player controlled a helicopter or airplane. The gameplay feels as if that character moves (i.e. walks) directly on the ground, but really it is constantly hovering a bit above the ground plane.

If possible I want to control that flying character from my Blueprints exactly as I would control a walking character. It should make use of Nav Meshes and so forth. The only difference is that it needs to have something like an offset to make it hover over the ground, and without the gravity pulling it back to the ground.

What would be the best way in UE4 to achive this?

I’m not 100% if this will help you but it could be useful… maybe.

How to Make a Hover Component

Ahh that is great, thank you so much.
These official tutorial videos are awesome!