How to Create Extension Files For Google Play?

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This is what you are looking for:
Google Play Asset Delivery Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

Basically, there are two ways to get this done. I’d recommend going with the Data Asset creations (Primary Asset Label).

You’ll need to make sure all the right boxes are ticked before building. Also make sure you got the build.gradle. (Make a plain text document with the provided code, then, change the filename AND the extension.)

(Also make sure your keystore stuff is done right)

When you got things set up properly you will build the project out.

Then, find the different pak files you created and put them into a specific folder.

Re-build and you now have them all built out. At this point, don’t worry about the file size as when you upload into Google Play Console, it will go through (so long as the individual .pak files don’t exceed the file limitations.,

This is our test project:

Hi guys,

Does anyone knows how to create extension files to upload a game to Google Play?

In other words, how to cut game in chunks and then upload it as such to Google?

So, my game exceeds 100mb limit by far (obviously) and cannot be reduced below max 250mb with anything available out there so would have to use extension files to actually upload the game.

I’v seen many games on Android way bigger than that in size so there must be a way.

There is basically no tutorial on that topic in the universe apart from APK Expansion Files  |  Android Developers - which explains Google side of things but not the Unreal side.

Obviously, Unreal doesnt have documentation on that so the only remaining option is if there is someone kind enough here to actually answer this question (for a change).


Hi there

Thank you very much for that, that’s gonna be the solution for sure.

I owe you a beer and will download you game :slight_smile:

I just have to figure out the mechanics of it. So basically, how would you advise to chuck a game, meaning by which logic?

So for example I have like a main menu, intro cut scene and then a big level. Level itself is around 250mb min (after reducing it with every possible trick). The bulk of the size is the main character.

Sorry but this is like my first game so am not really proficient in these things…


I think your solution is to create a data asset (Primary Asset Label) in each of your main folders (Blueprints, Maps, Meshs, Textures, Particles, etc…) and when you open the Data Asset, make sure you change the ID (to a value higher than 0 and make sure there are no repeat values.
(label the ID’s 1-however many)

btw Rename the Data Asset something like "OnDemand_Maps, OnDemand_Meshes, etc

Oh also, when you open the Data Asset, I believe you’ll want to make sure that “Always Cook” is on.

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Good luck and have a great day!