How to create Data-Only Blueprint?

I dont get it.

With 4.2, you can use the “Struct” BP

No, Data-Only blueprint is an Instanced Blueprint, not a struct. But i agree, that “Data-Only” name is inaccurate. “Instanced” would be exactly what it suppose to mean.

Ok, i c, i just need to create Child Blueprint and make sure, that it doesnt have any Parent Construction Script call, so i have to Remove (Parent Construction Script) from (Construction Script) which is created automatically when Child created.

That makes no sense, but only after that, my blueprint become Data-Only = true.

Is deleting the parent construction script really the proper way to create a data Blueprint? Seems inelegant - I’ve been poking around the editor for 15 minutes trying to find a way to do it before I had to look here. I’d much prefer a right-click menu option on the parent BP.

I’m very late to this topic, but for anyone confused about this in the future, note that you need to remove Parent Construction Script, then close and reopen the blueprint.

If it looks like this:


Select the Parent Construction node, and hit Delete, so that it looks like this:


Then close and reopen the blueprint. It should now just be a list of the properties (no graph).

Also note that if you create a Blueprint derived from a C++ class, it will appear to be a full Blueprint the first time you open it. You might have to close and reopen it for it to be recognized as Data-only.

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