How To Create Custom StarterContent?

Hi! Im new to this and spent a week and half looking at a bunch of tutorials, learning how to handle the engine monster, and most of all, gathering free and nice assets all over the web, blogs, marketplace, etc.

Now, I’m ready to go : Having a 6.3G custom assets folder, a real nice collection… so far… so good!

  1. So I created my own FullAssetsCollection main folder, in which even some useful starter content is. Created a new project, saved&closed it. I drag&dropped my 6.3G folder in the content folder. When reopening, assets are processing when asked to import them, but none of the meshes keep their materials, and materials have no longer texture in it, along with a path error in the blueprint screen for each material textures.

  2. I managed to put my FullAssetsCollection into : C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.14\Samples\StarterContent\Content. I thought that the engine would pick the StarterContent somewhere when you create a new project, and figured it out it was there. I have now 2 folders : FullAssetsCollection and StarterContent. But now. when creating a blank project, I see only one folder which is empty; no StarterContent and no Collection at all, which is weird cause creating a blank project takes a lot more time! (Sometime, I see the Architecture folder (within startercontent) which reveals 1 item ONLY!!! How the hell can I obtain 1 item upon creating a new project?)

  3. I can get the StarterContent back by removing my Collection folder as if nothing were changed. Importing each assets one by one is inhuman.
    Is there a way we can create our custom starter pack on each new project?

Thanx for your time and I hope I was clear enough.

**How do I fix the texture path error on materials after importing?
How do I fix the meshes having lost their material elements after importing?
How to import my FullAssetsCollection as a bundle, as a part of the new project process? **


When you copy assets into your project you always have to make sure that you keep the original folder structure, otherwise you will lose some references -> you could try to use the “fixup references” button (right click on the folder in the content browser - fixup references). Otherwise you will have to make sure that you correctly copy and paste the assets/folder structure into your project :slight_smile: