How to create custom K2Node with dropdown list?

I see there is cool K2Node: GetDataTableRow. It has small, but tasty feature: it has drop-down list at Name pin.

I want to create my own similar node. But I don’t see direct way to do it. No any references to drop-down list in UK2Node_GetDataTableRow. Not clear for me.

I belive Epics will give me any advices how to do that.


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Hey there, for what type of values would you like to have a dropdown?

I soloved the problem using CreateVisualWidget which creates custom pin via Slate.

I interested mainly for Name\String values. But this UK2Node_GetDataTableRow as I see built without this override…

Hi broly, I’m basically trying to do what you were attempting and also can’t make my K2Node work the way UK2Node_GetDataTableRow works.

You seem to have found a workaround but I don’t quite understand how you used CreateVisualWidget. I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

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Here was the problem I wanted to solve.

My question is, if you could tell me more about the CreateVisualWidget of how you solved this, it would be very helpful.

I am working on the same problem (K2Node_GetDataTableRow).
I am trying to analyze the code of K2Node_GetDataTableRow to see if the same mechanism as the input of K2Node_GetDataTableRow can be supported for nodes that I create on my own.

I find the solution is that 第9期 UE4/5 K2Node蓝图节点设计与实现 - 知乎 (
But there is still some problem I can not to solve.