How to create city roads?

I’ve tried searching for tutorials but the only ones there are talk about “cross-city” roads. I want to make roads like the ones in, for example, Tilted Towers POI istland template, with crosswalks, parking lots… How can I make this?


The “Roads” in the TiltedTowers sample map are asphalt painted onto a landscape. If you select the sidewalks and lift them up you’ll see what I mean.

Then the Crosswalks/Parking Spaces are meshes embedded into the landscape. (You can click on them to select/duplicate/move.)

Watch this tutorial to get started using the Landscape system: Landscape Tools in UEFN | Course :motorway:

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Thank you very much for your help! I didn’t know that you could paint roads, I thought you could only create them with splines. The tutorial will definitely be helpful!

About road decorations, there are some meshes in the content drower but some are missing or can’t be obtained, such as the handicaped parking slot that you can see in the image. How can I get it?

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You’re welcome!

I see what you’re saying with the handicapped parking area mesh.

It looks like it’s in a folder that we do not have access to. (It’s the same problem for all of those “road” meshes)


Please consider reporting this problem in a bug report.

In the meantime - you can select that mesh and press CTRL+C, then you can open a different map and press CTRL + V to paste a copy of that mesh in.

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I have submitted a bug report and, hopefully, we will get these meshes. Thanks for your help!

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